Thursday, 10 February 2011

ADAM Audio A7

Today, I got something in a little pricier than my previous review subjects, the stunning ADAM Audio A7 Powered monitors.
Although pricier than my previous reviews, the clarity is something else on these things.
They feature a carbon fibre woofer and a solid structure.
You have a choice of an unbalanced phono or balanced XLR input, as well as some fixed EQ controls in the back, so you can fiddle with the overall sound a little which is a nice choice.
These monitors offer a 46hz to 35khz frequency response which is ambitious, but you can feel the lows in your belly, which is always nice!
Each side features an independant 50 watt amplifier which allows for these speakers to push a whole lot of air with an impressive level of clarity.
Have a look at these babies on right now! (Price is individual)


  1. Pretty sweet dude, ill check this out

  2. Looks good, all i got is 5.1 Altec Lansing Speakers atm.

  3. Nice speakers, I wish I could afford things like this.