Thursday, 24 February 2011

KRK Rokit RP5 G2 5 inch studio monitors!

A good friend of the blog, (! sense !) asked for my summary of the KRK RP5 G2 Rokit studio monitors (or something similar but here we go)
These KRK speakers feature an 8" inch glass aramid composite subwoofer and a 1" neodyum soft dome tweeter with ferro fluid. Solid design features that contribute to the nice build, which features rubberised footing on the bottom of the enclosure to reduce low-frequency coupling.

How do they sound? Loud. 140w per side in fact! There's no sane reason to bring these to full volume indoors, but the juice is there if you really need to. For such small units, this is an incredible punch for your price!

The KRK RP5 G2 Rokit has a low end frequency cut-off of about 52Hz. The higher end is extremely detailed, helped no end buy the quality of the tweeter which is not seen often in more budget speakers like this.
The controls are located on the back of the unit which features a generous amount of inputs: RCA unbalancced, Balanced 1/4 inch jack and XLR.
You get a high frequency adjustment pot for minor tweaks to the responce and a volume pot measured in dB.
Overall, an extremely good value speaker for your money. They are going down in price, so take a look at them now on

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  1. These monitors look good on paper. Definitely need to upgrade my equipment sooner than later.

  2. I've got an electronic drumset but I still don't have good speakers for it. These might be my best bet.

  3. Than you. I have been looking at these monitors for a while.

    Do you think that the high frequencies would overpower the lows?

    Would these monitors be good for alot of bass production?

    Thanks for the acknowledgment.

  4. Mmmm, my dubstep would sounds pretty feral coming out of these :D

  5. my friend got a couple of these, nice speakers for the audiophiles