Tuesday, 22 February 2011

behringer ms16 active monitors

These Behringer MS16 monitors may be the audiophile/musician on a budget's best bet!
They feature high power ampifiers that drive the 4" woofers and high resolution tweeters.
Two stereo line inputs are provided to connect other products such as iPods or mp3 players and the best thing is they are available to be used simultaneously.
They are magnetically shielded as you have come to expect from a trusted brand such as Behringer and they put out 8 watts per side which will fill smaller rooms easily!
There is a seperately adjustable 4" mic input which is a very cool feature for these speakers.
For the low end of the spectrum, these are the best value monitors you'll get for your money, and many users will tell you about how well they fit into their setup.
Take a look at these ones now on Amazon.com (follow my link)


  1. I been writing music on a program called renoise and I been looking for monitors! Checking out your blog right now :D

  2. Ah I'm always looking for some quality speakers, i'm sure this is gonna help me a ton

  3. They look nice, but need some more cash. And got a nice ausio set anyway, nice review though, thanks!

  4. is it worth it?
    Please comment back. What is the best, longest lasting value.

  5. Hey sense. I'd go with probably the M-Audio Studiophile A/Vs I reviewed a while back. I use them on my PC and they're robust and spit out bass like no other. Thanks for reading my blog dude! These are good if you're on a budget but won't settle for tiny speakers with no drivers!