Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Behringer Truth B1031A

Today I'm taking a closer look at one of Behringer's best-sellers: the Truth B1031A. These speakers are one of the most talked about products in the recording industry, and it's not hard to tell why. As the name suggests, these speakers are designed to tell you the truth - and as a serious audiophile and home producer myself, I can confirm that Behringer has outdone themselves on this occasion.

The Truth B1031A speakers feature high resolution single dome tweeters and Kevlar-coned woofers, which produce a well-rounded flat frequency response which is essential for getting an accurate representation of the track you're working on.

Taking a look at the sleek exterior, the bright yellow kevlar woofer stands out and looks plain cool, Behringer mention themselves that the Truth B1031A features an extremely large "sweet spot" - or the optimal point of listening so you can hear every valuable nuance of your mix.

 These speakers are active and are powered by precision class A/B amplifiers which are solid and pack a punch. A/B amplifiers basically mean that the woofer and tweeter are powered seperately, 50w for the low end and 25w for the high.

All in all, I found this speaker to be incredible value, especially when it's available online for so cheap, for example, it's available for just $142.99 on Amazon, pretty good considering you're saving $157, that's more than 50%.

Take a look at the B1030a on