Monday, 7 February 2011

Yamaha MSP3

The Yamaha MSP3 is an elegant set of monitors I managed to get my hands on last week.
It is a compact set-up, featuring a 10cm woofer and 2.2cm tweeter. These beauties are active so no external amplification is required, making the MSP3s ideal for home studio enthusiasts or producers on a budget. The compact size allows portability, and the logical inputs on the back (XLR, phone jack, RCA) make the user experience more friendly.
Although small, the MSP3 puts out 20 watts of power, reasonable for medium sized monitoring areas or studios.
Ceiling and wall mounts are also available (sold seperately), showing that these monitors are serious with a big sound and a hard, accurate punch.

For the studio enthusiast in a small area, the MSP3 is a valuable addition on a budget. Take a look at them on now. They are retailing for an incredible $164.99!


  1. That reminds me, I need some new speakers. I have a pair on my desk right now, but I keep getting electrostatic interference between them and my sound card. I don't have this problem with my headphones though.

  2. These looks nice i wish i had some extra money right now to buy it.

  3. Pretty cool. Thanks for the review.

  4. I should look into getting some quality speakers.. and (off topic) your background really really reminds me of a creeper from minecraft. x.x lol

  5. I am more a headphone person, but I do have mackie monitors I like. Not sure if I'd buy these over them hehe, but good review!